What is the SPA Kettle?

Our product is a kettle made of solid cast iron, resistance to all kinds of external factors guarantees its eternity. It does not require any repairs or service. It is also easy to use and, above all – safe. SPA Kettles are free from unnecessary automation or clogging the filters. There is no need to use any electricity using it.

It’s a great alternative to the dry sauna, wet steam room, or a hot tub because you are not spending time in a small, closed room, but in the bosom of nature – no matter of period of the year. It can also be used as a pool for children.

Bathing in the SPA Kettle provides a unique relax, unwind and have a positive impact on our health.


Health benefits of bathing in the SPA Kettle

Bathing in the SPA Kettle undoubtedly, has a positive impact on our health. Our body is alternately heating and cooling. It activates itself and improves its efficiency and vitality. In contrast to the hot tub, dry sauna, wet steam or – does not strain the body, so it is a perfect alternative for them.

Using SPA Kettle relaxes tense muscles, skin tones, and also reduce the signs of cellulite. It also detoxify the body and supports proper lubrication of the skin. It relieves stress, relaxes, warms up, and releases a happiness hormones – endorphins – which are improving the mood.

Children can use SPA Kettels without any fear. It is healthy and also a great fun for them.


How to use the SPA Kettle?

You can say only about few devices that they are as much intuitive as our SPA Kettles. Just pour the water, light a fire and after an hour you can enjoy a relaxing bath.

To fully benefit from the opportunities offered by the SPA Kettle, use mineral water, spring water, or brine. But it is not necessary because every kind of water is suitable for bathing in the kettle.

Water is heated by fire to a temperature from 41 to 45 °C, and at the bottom of the kettle is placed in a special grate with an exotic wood where you can sit comfortably.

After each hot bath, participants are immersed in cold water (river, barrel or pool). This procedure toughens the body and increases its resistance to infections and colds. While bathing, recommended is to drink herbal teas or water with honey.

You can add decoctions of your favorite herbs (fresh or dried). As additives can also use extracts from whey, milk, honey and essential oils. Body absorbs it through the skin or inhalation brew, so it has an excellent effect on its good functioning. One of the recommended brines are ones with a high concentration of iodine. Only the user decide, what kind of additions to the bath will be used.

Bath time: about two hours.

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