SPA Kettles

Do you know that SPA Kettle is a perfect alternative to sauna?

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First SPA Kettle in European Union and Slovakia.

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Our first SPA Kettle in Poland is located in Zapotoczny Rancho in Łagnówek.

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For your health!

We direct to you an information about our product because we noticed the transformation of consumer culture. With the increase of prosperity, people spend more and more attention to their health and beauty. Caring for slim figure, good physical and mental condition is becoming very popular.

Increased awareness and the need to care for the health, conduct to the development of products related to active tourism, biological regeneration, stays sanatoriums. It is also the possibility of improving our health.

SPA Kettle is a new product that we introduce into the market, used for biological regeneration and rehabilitation.

We are sure that it will meet your expectations because it is a completely new quality in a SPA treatments.


SPA Kettle, also called Devil’s Kettle is wonderful for quick regeneration and is an excellent tool for relaxation.

It replaces:
– A dry sauna,
– Wet sauna and steam room,
– Jacuzzi,
and at the same time does not burden the body as the above.

Skillfully used, supports the processes of health treatments and rehabilitation.

It works for the whole body, causes relaxation and reduces mental tension, enhances immunity. It also reduces muscle spasticity, cleanses and detoxifies the whole body, accelerates physiological processes holiday. Smoothes the skin and moisturizes it. We can heal with herbs, brines, etc. SPA Kettles are great to support each process of treatment by inhaling essential oils or infusions of herbs.

Wellness specialists, doctors, therapists and all those who benefit from it, appreciates it.

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See how to use the Cauldron SPA

Bathing in the SPA Kettle is carried out on the fresh air. To the heated water essential oils, herbs or salt thereof can be added. Hour session stops, by plunging from time to time in to the cold water.



Winter is a good time to use the SPA Kettle

Bath in Devil’s Kettle is also a good relaxation during the winter. You can enjoy the kettle regardless of the weather and period of year. It gives a great effect throughout the whole year.